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A stunning kitchen remodel Ideology just recently did overlooking a lake, with this space it was all about function and entertainment! Featuring a beautiful curved bar out of cherry wood, stacked stone back splash, and modern furnishings. The two toned Cherry and Wenge finished cabinetry give this kitchen a modern but very sophisticated feel, we wouldn’t mind waking up and having our morning coffee in this space.



—-EcoSmart Fire—-

We are dealer of these stunning fireplaces by Ecosmart. These fireplaces burn a substance that is called Bio Ethanol it is clean burning, which means the fireplaces do not need a chimney or a flue. Also because these fireplaces house the liquid Bio Ethanol in a purpose built tank, there are no restrictive cables or gas connections. This means that a EcoSmart fireplace can be installed just about anywhere. EcoSmart’s fireplaces offer a wide array of designs from hand crafted freestanding pieces of “fire” furniture, to grates for traditional fireplace conversion, through to firebox inserts for built-in custom designs and burner kits. They don’t give off any odor while burning but you may only notice a slight smell when you first extinguish them. The emissions when burning Bio Ethanol is very slight the result of combustion of Bio-Ethanol is water, steam and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide output is equal to having one more person breathing in the room. If you would like more information on EcoSmart please feel free to contact us since we are a dealer and check out their website for more inspiration.




Three-dimensional interior wall panels made from bamboo pulp.The panels have the feel of solid fibreboard and can be easily painted with wall paint. There are four unique  modular designs that have the ability to combine, mix and rotate with continuous 3D patterns. They are also suitable for both small and large surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. I think this could be a promising competitor for B&N Industries if they continue exploring more design possibilities.



Watch the video. Link below.

Please check out the The Better U Foundation and support a cause. They are empowering people and changing lives for the better. So browse their site and learn about their cause for yourself, and you can also follow them on facebook or twitter. Ideology is a firm supporter of empowerment and positive transformation its exciting to see people working together not only to benefit others but also the planet.



After checking out  BKLYN DESIGNS, I stumbled across one of my new favorite design companies called Uhuru. They are a Brooklyn based furniture design company that is dedicated to sustainable design as well as keeping active in there local community. They just recently showcased their Coney Island Line that was inspired by certain iconic area’s within Coney Island and used reclaimed wood that was being demolished from the infamous Coney Island Boardwalk to make each piece. So check them out online and see for yourself what great things this company is doing.



Grandelier-Who Did That?


Grandelier lamp by Australian graphic designer Loz Abberton of Who Did That?  She works out of her solar powered studio located on the Carlton Bluff in southern Tasmania, Australia, Abberton’s draws inspiration from her surroundings, dreaming up her designs in a distinctly graphic way.

Available in two styles, ‘The Baroque’ and ‘The Bloom’, the lights can be hung from your ceiling, or turned over and displayed on a floor or table. The options don’t stop there – the Grandelier lamps are also available in a range of sizes, and made from a variety of veneers and carbonized bamboo.

These lights are easy to transport, each piece is flat packed for shipment to anywhere around the world.

Check out their website!



Sleep vs. Work

—- Sliding Bookcase Hides Small Home Office—-

This is idea is simple: a wrap-around bookcase on wheels slides to reveal (or conceal) the bed behind it, creating a sophisticated but multi-functional solution for a small bedroom.

With the ease of sliding the bookcase left or right you transform your space into whatever may be needed at the time.

Another cool factor is the porthole in the floor which leads to the level below – no doors or space for stairs required.

This apartment by Paul Coudamy in Paris is but one example of is space-saving approach to design.



Carnovsky: RGB Exhibition

The coolest wallpaper around! Sign me up for a few rolls!

location: johanssen gallery, berlin  Date:going on now until february 10th, 2011  

image taken with a red filter

image taken with a green filter

image taken with a blue filter



Here is our vignette “The Proposal”, designed for a special event hosted by the Michigan Design Center called Celebrations. Our vignette was displayed in the Virginia Tile Showroom and was up from Sept 23- till the end of the month. It featured a custom built fire-pit surround made from American walnut, granite, crystal fire glass, showcasing the beautiful “Around Burner” by EcoSmart. If you would like more information on the EcoSmart fireplaces. Please contact Ideology we are a dealer of their products. 



Natural Swimming Pools: The Sustainable Pond

"Natural swimming pools (NSPs) are a way to blend the sustainability and natural beauty of a pond with the functionality of a swimming pool. NSPs use biological filtration in lieu of the more common chemical or chlorine water cleaning systems used in most artificial swimming pools. The pools generally consist of a swimming area and a filtration area which can interact and be visible as much or as little as the designer wishes. The pools have a tendency to look more natural than completely artificial pools but can be made to look extremely contemporary as is evidenced in the images below. To date there are over 20,000 NSPs in Europe although there are none to date in the US."

Please check out this website its a pretty amazing thing!